Career Culture Lab can provide solutions to problems such as communication, trust, staff retention or lack of teamwork

People issues such as problems with communication, trust, staff retention (high turnover) or lack of teamwork are often the result of not having great human resource foundations in place.

Our people solutions assist you to fill the gaps. We provide bespoke human resources support as and when you require it.

HR/People Audits

We will work with you to complete a HR Health Check to identity the gaps when it comes to your workplace. Our HR Health Checks start from $997 + GST (for workplaces with 5 – 25 employees).

Human Resources Consulting

We become your outsourced Human Resources department ensuring you tick all the boxes when it comes to employing staff and managing your team.

Our services cover the essentials at each stage in the employee lifecycle.

  • Recruitment
    • Career Culture Lab can manage your end to end recruitment activity as the need arises. We will work directly with you and tailor a process suitable for each vacancy. Effectively we will become your internal recruitment team, taking responsibility for the coordination of your entire recruitment process. Our process will remove the administrative burden that comes with recruitment and provide you with subject matter expertise when it comes to attraction and selection of the right talent for your business, all for a fixed fee.
  • Onboarding
    • Career Culture Lab will assist you to streamline your onboarding process for your new starters, ensuring you set each team member up for success from day 1. Our Onboarding processes include the coordination of new starter paperwork, workplace induction/orientation and regular check-in’s and probation review processes.
  • Performance
    • Career Culture Lab work with you to create a high-performance team by tailoring a performance program for you. Including optional elements such as position descriptions; benchmarks for success; manager/employee check-in’s; coaching guides; more formal review processes and processes for dealing with underperformance and misconduct in the workplace.
  • Retention
    • Career Culture Lab will support you to tailor programs aimed to grow and retain your top performers. Our programs ensure there are clear expectations when it comes to workplace behaviour and includes the roll of HR policies relevant to your business. Optional elements such as recognition and reward programs and workplace wellness programs are also available.
  • Separation
    • Career Culture Lab will support you to implement processes for when team members exit your workplace, ensuring all bases are covered whether the exit is through resignation, termination or redundancy.

Workplace Culture Transformation

We partner with you to transform your workplace culture and create a highly engaged team who are focused on producing extraordinary results.

Career Culture Lab offers workplace change management to enhance your team and create a truly extraordinary workplace

Your Workplace Culture is the sum of each individual on your team. For a workplace culture to transform, change needs to occur. Our Workplace Culture Change process commences with a comprehensive Workplace Culture Assessment where we take a deep dive into your business to identify what’s working well and where the gaps and opportunities lie. From there we tailor a program to transform your culture. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your workplace culture is unique and our approach is to get to know you, your people, your business objectives and goals and to provide you with the framework and support to create a truly extraordinary workplace.

      • Workplace Culture Assessments
      • Employee Engagement Surveys
      • Employee Engagement Tools and Initiatives

Leadership & Team Development

Training programs tailored to meet your unique business needs and goals.

Career Culture Lab’s Leadership Development programs are tailored to your team’s individual needs

Our Leadership Development solutions combine classroom, online and 1:1 delivery methods to meet the needs of your team. We assist you to identify the capability gaps in your senior teams and then tailor our programs to meet the individual’s growth needs and also align to your business objectives. All modules require participants to complete projects that provide practical application of knowledge gained immediately. Programs range in duration from 3 – 12 months.

    • Emerging Management / Leadership Programs
    • Personal Success Coachingoar