Creating Extraordinary Workplace Culture
Amanda Lutvey Founder of Career Culture Lab

Hi I’m Amanda

I am passionate about transforming workplace cultures and creating highly engaged teams who are focused on producing extraordinary results.

At Career Culture Lab it is our mission to create an extraordinary workplace culture 

I founded Career Culture Lab in order to tackle the ‘people issues’ facing many leaders today.   Issues with communication, trust, staff retention (high turnover) or lack of teamwork are all indicators of broader cultural issues. And I am here to help!

I believe that work should be a place that provides you and your team with opportunities to contribute, connect, collaborate. It should be a place that allows for growth, and for each team member to maximise their strengths and embrace their passions.   This means we need to ensure we are creating a workplace that is truly focused on its people. After all, it through our people that we get our outcomes and achieve our goals.

Highly engaged teams achieving extraordinary results

I am a people specialist, leader, coach, mentor and experienced trainer. Over the past twenty years, I have gained experience in senior roles across a diverse range of industries. I have held senior leadership roles in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing and Operations Management.

Please give me a call or send me an email to organise a time to discuss your business needs and allow me to develop a tailored proposal.