About Career Culture Lab

Hi, I'm Amanda

I founded Career Culture Lab in order to tackle the ‘people issues’ facing many business owners and leaders today.   Issues with communication, trust, staff retention (high turnover) or lack of teamwork are all indicators that there may be gaps in your people framework.  Avoiding these issues can lead to employees becoming disengaged and to broader cultural issues.

As your People @ Work Specialist I will help you navigate the complex obligations that come with employing people. We will tailor the people processes you ‘must have’ to meet your obligations and then we can look at the ‘nice to have’ additions to create a highly engaged team and an extraordinary workplace.

Your workplace culture needs to be able to breathe and evolve as your business grows and changes.  It’s not just about the leaders, although it does start there!  It’s about every single employee understanding the company purpose and how they contribute to that on a daily basis. 

Each business is unique with its own set of objectives and challenges.  My approach is to get to know your business, identify your unique needs and the people objectives you have, and then design solutions specifically for you.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ program. 

Just think of me as your people @ work specialist, collaborator and number one supporter.   I will:

        Gain an understanding of your unique business needs and objectives;

        Provide you with tailored recommendations and a step by step framework to follow;

        Tailor the level of support you need to ensure the ongoing delivery of the people solutions we implement;

        Ensure we have fun along the way.

Who we are:

We are a boutique Human Resources consultancy and we believe that every workplace should aspire to be extraordinary. We are people @ work specialists who are focused on partnering with our clients to design and deliver business relevant people strategy and initiatives that set your team up for success, ensuring you meet your business goals. We work with you to tailor people processes to ensure you meet all your employer obligations and that you create a highly engaged team along the way!

Extraordinary workplaces = Extraordinary results. Having a people @ work specialist on your team makes good business sense. In our experience happy and engaged employees deliver exceptional customer experiences and happy customers deliver ongoing business.  Now that’s a win/win for everyone

People Solutions
Workplace Culture Change - Career Culture Lab

What we do:

Our services include:

People Solutions – We become your outsourced Human Resources department ensuring you tick all the boxes when it comes to employing staff and managing your team. 

Workplace Culture Transformation – We partner with you to transform your workplace culture and create a highly engaged team who are focused on producing extraordinary results.

Leadership & Team Development – Training programs tailored to meet your unique business needs and goals.

Our values:

  • Connect & Be Human
  • Talk Straight
  • Deliver WOW
  • Model Courage
  • Trailblaze, Disrupt, Speak Up
  • Have FUN!
Amanda Lutvey at whiteboard