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Your employees are more important than your clients – why seeking expert HR advice should be number 1 on your TO DO LIST in 2019!

I was at a networking event yesterday and I must have met 25 new people, all of them small-medium size business owners or managers. As far as networking events go, it was refreshing!  People were there to network and to connect with other businesses, as opposed to standing still in small groups with people they know (truly guys, this is NOT networking – it is catching up with old mates!!). At this event people were actively moving through the room and introducing themselves and their business and while it was obvious that many people felt a bit out of their comfort zone, the event organisers (thank you Paula and Russell from Small Business Expo’s) created a warm and safe environment where the intention to build business connections was clear.

As I met new people, I introduced myself and my business and explained that Career Culture Lab partner with business owners and leaders to create extraordinary workplaces, which in simple terms means I am a ‘Human Resources Consultant’. It was at that point that I was asked a lot of questions that indicated there seems to be a general lack of understanding of what HR is and why it could be relevant to someone who owns a small–medium size business. 

If you have never worked in the corporate world in a large company, you may never have come across a Human Resources or HR Department, and even if you have, you may not see how HR is relevant to your small-medium size business. Let’s look at what HR is and why it’s so important for you to include a HR professional in your group of business advisors.

HR professionals are people experts.  Just like you seek out the financial expertise of your Accountant, the legal expertise of your Solicitor or the business strategy advice of your Business Coach, a HR Consultant can help you with how to manage the people you employ to ensure your whole team is aligned and working towards your business goals.

You probably got into business because you are good at something and then as your business grew you decided to hire employees to help with the workload. Now you have a team of 10+ people working for you and you are finding that your employees are taking up more and more of your time. You are dealing with day-to-day communication issues between team members, hearing comments about one of your key managers being a ‘bully’ and trying to work out what your rights are when someone wants to take annual leave in your busiest work period when you need all hands-on deck! 

People issues can also be fraught with risk.  Risk to your customer/client experience; risk to your reputation; risk of legal action (unfair dismissal claims or worse claims of bullying, harassment or discrimination); and then there is the flow on effect one ‘bad egg’ employee can have on the rest of your team and your workplace culture.

This is where a HR Consultant can assist you.  It’s not just hiring and firing – although it can include that!  Its about ensuring you have a solid people framework set up with clear processes in place so that your whole team understands what is expected of them and are set up for success from day one.

Just like your customers, think about your employees as commencing a journey with you when they join your team. Ensuring you have the right processes in place to ensure you recruit the right fit (knowledge, skills, capability and cultural fit) and that they feel welcome is vital to setting them up for success. As is ensuring that once on the team, they understand what is expected of them and how things work. Your people strategy is a key piece of your business plan. Your workplace culture is the sum of your people and focusing on them is essential for your business success.

A HR Consultant can assist you to simplify things and reduce your risk when it comes to attracting, retaining and exiting people from your business. They can also assist you with your growth plans ensuring you are able to provide development opportunities for your team and that you have succession plans in place in order to retain your top performers. 

Once you have the basics set up and every employee understands what they are there to do, you will be able to focus on your business knowing that everyone is aligned and committed to achieving the business goals.

Career Culture Lab specialise in ‘creating extraordinary workplaces’, and it all starts with having the foundations of a strong people framework set up. Our ‘People Solutions Packages’ provides you with all the basics you need to run an effective team and business. We become an extension of your team, your outsourced Human Resources Department, working with you to ensure your team are set up for success so that you can focus on your business again.

As Richard Branson says “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

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