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Hi I’m Amanda

I am passionate about transforming workplace cultures and creating highly engaged teams who are focused on producing extraordinary results.

I founded Career Culture Lab in order to tackle the ‘people issues’ facing many leaders today. Issues with communication, trust, staff retention (high turnover) or lack of teamwork are all indicators of broader cultural issues. And I am here to help!

I believe that work should be a place that provides you and your team with opportunities to contribute, connect, collaborate. It should be a place that allows for growth, and for each team member to maximise their strengths and embrace their passions. This means we need to ensure we are creating a workplace that is truly focused on its people. After all, it through our people that we get our outcomes and achieve our goals.

Please give me a call or send me an email in order to organise a time to discuss your business needs and allow me to develop a tailored proposal.

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What My Clients Say

  • We employed the services of Amanda Lutvey from Career Culture Lab, to assist with the pre and post-opening of the new Emporium Hotel South Bank in Brisbane. The People & Culture component of any new business is a huge challenge and the new Emporium Hotel was no exception. Amanda led a team that assisted Department Heads recruit over 200 employees who have been trained to work across the Hotel’s multiple Bars, Restaurants, Conference & Events, Front Office, Concierge, Housekeeping and Maintenance teams. In addition, Career Culture Lab assisted all departments to prepare Position Descriptions and SOPs for the numerous new work areas and these were constantly being refined throughout the Hotel’s opening period. Most importantly, Amanda was instrumental in assisting the leadership team to instil the Customer Service Culture that has now become synonymous with the award-winning Emporium Hotels brand. The services of Amanda Lutvey and the team at Career Culture Lab are highly recommended to any Start Up business, or organisation undergoing change management and who appreciate the importance of maintaining employee support and trust throughout the process. I look forward to working with Amanda again on future projects, to ensure the People & Culture are once again recognised as the most important component to the success of any business !

    Peter Savoff General Manager – Emporium Hotels
  • Amanda was engaged with Capitol to coach our leadership team, implement HR framework and refresh and revitalise our culture. She embarked on this project and immediately we started to see results and change. We have been able to streamline and simplify our operational and HR processes to align with our busy workloads and implement changes that will now take us into the future. Amanda has the ability to tailor people and leadership solutions to meet the needs of our business and has provided group and one on one coaching, mentoring and training to not only our leadership team, but our Board of Directors. We continue to work with Amanda to take our business and people to further success.

    Ian D'Arcy Managing Director at Capitol Strata Management Pty Ltd


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